Causes of Chronic Back Pain


Like any other pain, back pain is one of the things that interfere with our day to day life. More than headaches or muscle pains, back pain stops us from carrying out many of our daily tasks because it is directly linked to the spinal area, and the spine cord is essential for us to even be standing up straight, let alone carrying something or lifting something. So if you have had a back pain for awhile, it’s time to get it checked out by an orthopaedic. Here are some possible causes of your back pain:

The Way You Walk

Granted, it’s not actually the way you walk so much as the shoes you wear. For women, high heeled shoes lead to back pain as it puts too much strain on the nerves and muscles of the feet in order to balance, and this affects the spinal column. Once properly diagnosed, the pain can be reduced by wearing shoes without high heels, such as ballet flats.

People also have a misconception that women are the only ones affected by their shoes; in truth, men too are affected by it, especially if they wear tight, uncomfortable shoes that bunch the toes together in front or have too high a sole. Again, the solution is different shoes: while men may not be able to wear ballet flats, comfortable shoes like Oxfords or brogues should do the trick.

The Way You Carry

Back pain can also arise as a result of muscle or nerve strain, or the dislocation of a spinal disk. All of the above can occur if the way you lift and carry things is incorrect. The human body has a system of levers and fulcrums which can bear a lot of weight – at the right angles. For instance, our thigh bones are the strongest bones in the body meaning they can carry a lot of weight. But if something falls on it from a height, the bone will fracture. Similarly, when lifting something, distribute the force to your knees instead of the spine by bending your knees and lifting it with your spine erect, not bent over double. When carrying something, lift your arms to chest height as that is your centre of gravity and will help distribute the weight of what you’re carrying evenly around your body.

The Way Your Position Yourself

Not for nothing did those old-school teachers bark at us to straighten our backs. Slouching seems to be a millennial trait, but unfortunately, is one that has been linked to chronic back pain. The more we stand crookedly, with all our weight on one leg, the more strain we put on the pelvic bone on that side and the more wear and tear the muscles around it have to undergo. Eventually, it leads to pain. Similarly, slouching in a chair will put pressure on the base of the spine instead of the curve of the pelvis, which is designed to handle weight. This can lead to a slipped disk or increased wear on the spinal disks, again leading to chronic pain.

Tips To Get Ready For Your Graduation Day

Your graduation day is one of the biggest milestones in your education and all these years you have been waiting for this day. Not only but your parents, family and friends have been waiting eagerly to welcome you with that new attire and your certificate. This is one best gift you can give your parents. To make this day extra special and to make your future ahead a much clear path, there are several things you need to focus on. Take a look!

It’s a lot of paperwork

From the day you started to go to school you had to fill so many forms in order to confirm yourself with the school procedures. So, this occasion too has some paperwork to be looked into. Make sure you fill everything accurately and read all the instructions the paper provides you with. If you want to receive your degree, then this documentation is a must and has to be very carefully. If you have any doubts make sure you ask someone who knows about these procedures and get instructions. Also don’t forget to carefully go through the graduation checklist before you handover your package of documents. The procedures vary from college to college.

Further studies?

While some of us start hunting for jobs right after our graduations, some make up their minds to go for further studies. If this was your bachelor’s degree then you might want to go for a Master’s degree. You have a long way to go if you want to study further so start choosing a new school. Sometimes the school where you graduated will have the necessary subjects and degrees for your next level as well. Start early because you don’t want to miss the deadline. Also there will be documentation again, other exams to do and much more. So, start planning!

Get ready with your attire

While some rent the graduation gown in Adelaide, many of us find it much easier to purchase one for ourselves.

True that it might be quite cheap than buying but you also want something to keep with you, a part of that memorable day and the best is your graduation gown and cap. So, once you have confirmed the degree you are getting, make sure you purchase/rent the perfect gown that suits your school and degree.

Are you already on the job hunt?

Well, it’s good if you have already started your job hunt. Don’t wait until the last minute to get ready for this and you might have been asked on and on by different people what you are going to do after graduation. Plus, you might be having student loans to pay as well. The benefit of being in touch with your school’s career service office is not only will you be able to find part-time work, internships and volunteer works but you will also get help to make your cover letter, resume and other necessary documents for your first real job.

Types Of Shoes Every Woman Should Have

If it is that time of the year when your wife or girlfriend talks about buying a new pair of shoes every time you two go shopping, then that’s the hint you husbands should pick up on. It may not be her birthday or your wedding anniversary coming up, but you never need a special occasion to get your wife a gift. So, here is an easy categorization for you to figure out what shoes she is talking about. 1. HeelsHeels are an essential in a woman’s closet. Wearing heels is a main factor that boosts most women’s confidence. From a business meeting to a formal dinner to a party, heels are typically a girl’s best friend. There are many types of heels such as kitten heels which are shoes with a heel not more than two inches high. These are very comfortable and ideal for interviews and business affairs. Peep toe high heels are the ones with an open front just enough to put two toe nails out which brought it the name. Pumps or stilettos are high heeled covered shoes. These two are ideal for parties and evening functions.2. WedgesMuch more comfortable than heels, wedges are used by women for everyday wear. Rather than heels, wedges give less pressure to the foot which gives them less discomfort and easy to wear. That is why women wear them more frequently and leave high heels for special occasions only.These are ideal for office wear however; nowadays stylish wedges are made to fit even parties and other well-dressed occasions. 3. BootsBoots were known to be worn during winter or rainy season but now, women wear them at any time during the year. Types of boots include knee highs and tall boots which are ideal for winter. They will not only keep feet warm but are also very stylish. Ugg boots are also very stylish and comfortable as the sheep skin will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. You can also get custom ugg boots done for your wife in her favourite colour and even with her name on it. Others are rain boots, ankle boots etc.4. FlatsThese are the most commonly used every day wear shoes. If you want to go for a walk in the park, a picnic on a holiday, shopping or simply a movie, these will be the best fit since they are very comfortable. These include ballet flats, flat sandals, sneakers, canvas sneakers espadrilles etc.   You must pay careful attention as to what type of shoe she is in need of. You do not want to buy her special sheepskin ugg boots Australia when what she really is yearning for are stilettos. Catch on indirect hints she’s giving such as pointing to a pair of shoes and saying ‘I wish I had those’. What most husbands do is take their wives with him in to a shoe shop and tell her to choose any pair of shoes and buy it for them. However the real surprise is when you choose a pair for her and gift it. So, make it a point to always do something special for your loved ones.