Better Fitting; Better Looking

How you look; basically, how you present yourself in the society is so important to you developing a long-term charisma that is beneficial to you in countless ways. The world is quite judgmental by looks, well that’s the truth. No matter how good you are as a human being, if you don’t dress accordingly, it deducts so many points from your board. Besides, it’s a great thing to look good, take care of yourself. That way, every random person whom you meet in the road to the girl you’ve been eyeing will know that you care and that you know what matters.There are so many conventional ways of dressing and the main reason why everyone who use these methods without any sort of a relation of these styles or whatsoever is because it’s easy. Do you really expect to achieve better dreams being mediocre? What do you prefer? Cheap, horribly fitting suits or well-tailored custom suits Bangkok? tailor made shirt

Those who claim that they just randomly put on whatever they find in their closets but look incredibly look aren’t lying, they’re matched so well in the past that their brain finds this automatic pick of clothes as randomness. What’s the most common key element that improves your style? It’s them being well fitted. It is a psychological fact that regardless of your body shape, as long as you’re wearing well fitted clothes, you’re not one; ten steps ahead of someone who has a better body and/or wears poorly fitted clothes. What are the most important tips that you should know as a stylish gentleman? Well-fitted has countless sub divisions. Amongst the list, adequately long enough trousers/jeans play a big role. Have you noticed how the width and the length of chinos says if the guy knows what he’s doing or he even doesn’t know what’s it called?

Another style tip that you must know is, your belt’s color must match your shoe color. Now, it’s okay if they’re deviating as shades but a black belt and brown shoe is a no go. It doesn’t matter if its dress or casual; Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats a tailor made shirt. There are so many reasons why you do always get them knit as soon as you buy one. The standard sizes that are available in the market hardly go with our actual upper sections, hence making them perfectly hugging your body throughout the day or the night. If you’re a guy who’s a little short, you should look into designs that are monochromatic and slimmer, and if you’re working on losing your weight, horizontal stripes are your best choice.There are many tips and advice that a man can use to step up his style game under the well-fitted category, and you should probably spend some time to improve more and more as you’re upgrading you wardrobe.

Article by Romola Ferrari

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