Do\’s And Don\’ts In A Frat Party

As college freshman who are just new to the entire set up and want to get to know people and make friends frat parties are somewhat the best place to start. This is the perfect opportunity to widen your friend circle and well learn about different do’s and don’ts in a frat party. Following are a couple that shall help you get through your first frat party;

Dressing up to the theme

If there is a theme that this particular party follows then dress according to it, after all you don’t want to stand out as the odd one amongst the crowd. But while you decide to match a few tunic tops and jeans while having a mini runway show in your room preparing for your first college party, make sure to not go overboard with anything. While you keep it simple make it also work to the theme, only then will you be able to blend in and look chic.

Go in pairs

Make sure you’ve already made a few friends or two that way they could accompany you to the party and you’ll not be stuck there alone with a bunch of strangers and no one to talk to. True that this is a place to make new friends but if you don’t already bring along a couple and if your socially awkward then having a couple of friends who are already part of your comfortable zone shall help.

Dress for the walk and the weather

Whichever outfit you pair whether it is jeans and a sweater or even a tunic dress make sure it aligns with the weather, that way you wouldn’t freeze to death neither would you die of heat. Most frat parties with the mass of bodies and crowds end up being too warm to even think of wearing a cute sweater, so wearing more light clothes would be ideal for a party like this. Also if you’ve got to walk quite the distance from your dorm to the frat house then don’t even dream of wearing your brand new stiletto heels, as it will only make you feel uncomfortable through out the entire party and chances where they could be ruined once and for all, are high! So don’t hesitate to wear your favourite ratty old sneakers or even ballet flats, as it is a way better option than heels! Visit this link if you want to but a tunic dress online.

Be open to new friends

This is a party after all so and since you are a freshman as well, don’t hesitate to make new friends. Go ahead and talk to a couple of people get to know them and don’t end up being the loner in the corner at the party! If you still might find it difficult to be that open then by taking a couple of know friends with you that you already know shall help especially if you could end up making more new and mutual friends.

Don’t go early and don’t leave late

Not going exactly on time to a party definitely isn’t a bad thing. The key is to go fashionably late! This way you could avoid the awkward situations that might arise beforehand. While you make sure you don’t go early you’ve also got to make sure you don’t leave too late either. A maximum of a good two hours to spend would be the best!Enjoy the party and be careful of taking chances with anyone and everyone. It obviously shall help you a long way, especially to maintain the right rep since you’re new to college after all! Have fun and don’t hesitate to make new friends!

Article by Romola Ferrari

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