How To Choose The Right Quilt Cover Sets For Your Home?

Quilt covers not only prevent quilts from being discoloured, but also provide protection to them. Although neglected, but the truth is the fabric and material that the quilt is made of determine the comfort level. And, using a cover helps retain the quilt’s comfort for an extended period of time. Generally, quilts come in white but many of you buy quilt covers in order to add more vibrancy and life to your bedroom. A proper selection of colour for these covers can work as a great complement to the background colours of the walls or furnishings at your place.

There are several stores across the country where you will find cool selections of variety of quilts, covers and different furnishings along with a good selection of quilting fabric. The article discusses about some of the important factors you should consider while making a purchase.

Selection of the right material is important

Although overlooked at times, the fabric of the quilt or cushion is an important factor to keep in mind while making a purchase. While you will find options from silk, cotton mix, flannel, pure cotton and synthetic materials, it could also matter that what kind of design you are looking for. Not all kinds of fabrication material would suit all designs. You might buy a batik fabric that would best go along with some specific designs or patterns than what would be ideal when you are choosing a synthetic fabric. 

Size of the cover is important

An oversized or an undersized shirt can cause enough discomfort and in the same way, misfit cushion covers could be a source of discomfort. An oversized cover will end up in the quilt curling into circular lumps across the corners of the cover especially, making it difficult to manage while sleeping. It is important to examine the size of the quilt and the bed as well before buying the cover.

What is the right design for you?

Quite normal like anything and everything else, the price of quilts and covers increases as you look for exclusive designs. Depending of the fabrication material or the amount of art work that goes in, the price varies.

Maintenance and wash ability

One of the most important factors is to examine the high quality fabric that you are buying can be cleaned, washed and maintained without fearing from discolouration.

Most people often are allergic to dust and in such situations you should go for hypo-allergic fabrics. For ease of cleaning and maintenance, cotton blends or polyester fabrics could be your ideal choice. The above points are a good list to keep in mind that can help you in buying the right product for your bedroom.

Article by Romola Ferrari

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