Standing Out From The Rest Of The 7 Billion

You are made unique and you are the only version of you. We lose this uniqueness when we most often try to be someone else. Whether it’s a celebrity, an intellectual, super model, or your superhero there is a limit to how much you can copy and imitate them. What I am saying is not to look up to someone and wanting to be like them or to get inspired by them. By all means do that. Get inspired be motivated and make their life achievements your personal goals and examples. What I am saying don’t “be them”. Be who you are. There is only one of you. Take good things and values from them but don’t be changed in to a talking, walking, eating robot that only can imitate but can’t do anything novel.

So it’s easy to say ‘be unique’ or ‘be yourself’ and it’s actually hard to practice. We are swayed by the preferences and trends of our peers and those around us in our society and community that our real self stays hidden beneath the ‘fake us’ and we are always afraid to let other people know the real us in fear of rejection and ridicule. We are after all social animals as Aristotle wisely said and we crave human approval and support. We fear the rejection and isolation and thus change or hide a huge portion of ourselves behind a fake exterior. For an example many women find having to dress up in the morning, do their hair, do their make-up, match shoes with nail polish, shave their legs and wear high heels when all they want to do after they drag themselves out of the bed is to put on a pair of comfy slacks and some flat slippers, tie a messy bun and walk out of the door. But why don’t they do it? Simple, because the society tells us every day that a woman without make up is not a good looking woman. They don’t say this to your face but the TV commercials and the established norms imply that.

So what can you do to be the person who you really are? Simple, don’t do anything (well not technically). Do the things you want to do with life. Don’t base your life on the opinion of others and try different things. Explore different options and don’t stick to the man trends of your peers. For an example you can make a fashion statement and stand out by wearing handmade shades. How cool is that huh? Not everyone will wear them (If you want to find out more about handmade shades and glasses just type ‘valley eyewear online‘ and then you can chose at your heart’s content).

If you want to wear Boho dresses do it even if it is not the latest trend at that time. If you want to go without makeup, do it. If you want to have a messy bun then, do it.

If you want to pursue a career that other people do not endorse, never mind just do it. If you want to study a subject or specialize in an area that people look down on its ok. Be true to yourself.

Article by Romola Ferrari

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