The Process Of Becoming A K-Pop Fan

K-pop has become an international phenomenon acquiring fans from all over the globe. K-pop fans are wildly loyal to their bands and they follow their favourite members with a passion. The stages of becoming a K-pop fan can be quite interesting to think about. You become madly obsessed about a group of individuals and music in a very short period of time where you go from not knowing what K-pop means to where you memorise the words and phrases in the songs along with the dance routines.

At the beginning, you may have been introduced to a K-pop music video from a friend who is obsessed with them. They might have pestered you for days before you finally break down and watch the video. One you have watched it, you will definitely be intrigued about what it is. It is a completely different format where the members sing and dance with choreography. It might not be instant love, but you will be interested enough that you start browsing. You will be introduced to the world of K-pop and you can try watching different bands to get an idea of what they’re like.

Little by little the songs will creep into your playlist and you will catch yourself humming a certain tune in the shower or when you’re on the way to work. Their melodies can be addictive and it can be quite difficult for you to get it out of your head. It’s only a short while later that you will be able to memorise the words and phrases in the music video. You will actually be able to sing a good part of the music even if you’re not a native speaker. Little by little you will understand some of the words and you will find that you’re unconsciously learning words of a new language. You will also start getting interested in K-pop merchandise that has become popular among the hard-core fans.

The stage where you can sing along or hum to a song is where you realise that you have inadvertently been sucked into the K-pop culture. You can then start identifying your favourite bands and get on the internet and start searching for their information. There will be fan sites on all social media and you will be amazed at the commitment of the fans to their favourite idols. You will be directed to other videos as well that have appearances of your favourite band. You will find yourself browsing a K-pop store online on items relating to the music you love. See this post if you are looking for k-pop clothing and accessories.

Once you start researching you will find out about all the details about the band members and their personal lives. You will also find yourself watching K-dramas and K-movies finding yourself completely immersed in this bright new culture. You will wait patiently for the release of your favourite band’s new music videos even in the middle of the night. You will dream about visiting the landmarks in their videos, familiarizing yourself with their traditional food and learning their language. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself introducing K-pop to another friend of yours only to see the same cycle of interest to obsession begin again.

Article by Romola Ferrari

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